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We are here to bring your ideas to life. We can help you plan, design and execute almost any digital idea you can think of. What do you need?

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At RASSVET, our primary focus is to execute successful digital development projects with high-value impact for our customers. Therefore we are obligated to assess any incoming idea that we get from our customers with regard on business goals the company wishes to achieve and consult our clients about the needed actions to achieve the required impact, to generate the value worth the investment. Some times it means that specific ideas won't see the light, but it is our duty to provide a well-argued background for our clients to make the right choices and to commit to the right decision. We believe that any digital development project should go hand in hand with a well-considered business case and a set of KPIs to be able to measure the created impact.

We have years of experience helping our clients with digital strategy, technology clarification, user experience design and digital development. We done projects from simple web widgets to mobile apps, from small websites to complete trading systems, from web-services to automatisation software. We have a lot of experience and knowledge that your digital development project can benefit from.

We created a tool called that helps us design and execute some of the digital development projects faster. We use it for prototyping and creating useful web-services required in some of our digital projects. All in all we focus on efficiency, quality and faster time-to-market.

Today the technology is developing quickly and if you wish to adapt faster you might consider to source this task to a professional team that will keep you up-to-date on the newest trends and digital ideas that will make you company up-to-date and ahead of the competition. We are a digital task force that can help you execute almost any digital project that you might need. We can be your digital strategic partner helping you shape your digital strategy, help you prototype your ideas and continuously help you digitalise your company.

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